When a client visit ends at 4 and we go straight home:


When the client tells you how many languages they want the site in:

Submitted by an Anonymous UX’er

When I meet with a client who’s agreed with all of my design decisions so far:

Submitted by @jasperdenouden

When the client picks the concept you like:

Submitted by Jonathan

When the client’s style guide is over 20 pages long:


When a client suggests adding a splash page to their site:


When a client asks me to “make it pop”:

Submitted by Maude

After reading the first round of client feedback:


Submitted by @erockmazz

When your client finally comes to the conclusion you’ve been trying to lead them to all along:


Submitted by an anonymous UX’er. And our 100th post! 

When the client says they have their own wireframes to show:

Submitted by Lance Gutin (@gutini)