Trying to move a group of layers but failing due to one locked layer:

Submitted by Dafna.

When Invision goes down:


Submitted by @designnotdrum

When I found out Photoshop is adding artboards:

Yes, it’s true! So enjoy this questionable gif.

When we finally upgraded to Font Awesome 4:


When everyone on my team switches to Sketch and I’m still using Fireworks:

Submitted by @kylietuosto

Whenever I see the Spinning Beach Ball of Death:


When I lose 4 hours of unsaved work:

Submitted by @OldManNate

Trying to find your pasted item in Sketch:

Submitted by an anonymous UX’er

Every time I submit a crash report:


Here’s to a crash-free weekend. Can’t wait to lose all our work again on Monday!

When I accidentally enter full-screen mode: